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Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is a mental health condition that causes you to be fixated on one or more perceived defects/flaws in your appearance. These perceived flaws in your appearance may be minor flaws that others don't notice or can't see. It can leave you feeling so ashamed that you avoid social situations.

Body dysmorphia leaves you fixated on your appearance & body image. This can look like repeatedly checking in mirror, skin picking, grooming or seeking constant assurance. Your perceived flaw & the repetitive behavior can cause you significant distress & impact your ability to function in your daily life.


• Being preoccupied with perceived flaws

• Belief that others are taking notice of your appearance in a negative way

• Avoid social situations

• Perfectionist tendencies based on appearance

• Constantly comparing appearance to others

• Attempting to hide perceived flaws with make-up, clothing & cosmetics

• Frequently seeking assurance


• Abuse or bullying

• Environmental factors

• Low self-esteem

• Fear of being alone

• Depression/anxiety/OCD

Things that can help

• Journaling

• Talking to someone you trust

• Don't become isolated

• Cognitive Therapy

• Find a support group

• Meditation/yoga

• Self-care routine

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